Restaurant Wood Chairs play an important seating role within the hospitality industry for restaurant, cafes, hotels, country clubs, and more.  Chair styles followed by competitive prices are the driving force.

BASICS:  Budget chair models are the perfect economical solution for the everyday project.  In today's ever growing global marketplace, There are three major chair building regions of the world.

1.  United States - MAPLE and OAK Hardwoods; from the early settler days, the United States                                              continues to manufacture chairs. Windsor Chair, Early American Caboose                                          chair,(shown in virtually every Western Movie that has ever been filmed), 
                                Captain Chair, Tavern chair,.
 2. Eastern Europe - BEECH WOOD
3..Italy - BEECH WOOD Known for the finest quality wood craftsmanship and staining in the world
4. China- RUBBER WOOD Known in recent terms for their low price points. 

WOOD:   Wood is good. Known as the most diverse and easiest to work with. Most utilized natural resource in mankind's history, Few other natural resources can match the advantages of wood, and is the only natural resource that is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.  

Every tree has unique and defining characteristics; including, differences in grains and texture. Due to the natural characterizes of wood, we cannot guarantee each finish will match on each piece of furniture or previous ordered furniture; that is the nature of wood and stains.


Oak:          Strong grain characterizes - strong wood used often within the United States
Maple:      Strong wood; excellent for chairs; very expensive; used within the in United States
Pine:         Soft wood with knots - not used often 
Beech:      Nice smooth grain; excellent; primary wood for chair manufacturing in Europe 
Rubberwood: Soft with no grain; used in China


The side rails are to support the weight of people climbing up and leaning onto the chair next to them. The wood seats are sculpted at thefatory to ensure a comfortable seating position; hense, Saddle Seats.

Small Ladderback chairs are the most popular standard chair choice of many buyers that are seeking an economy small chair.  This chair offers low height, narrow seat, and narrow width;  weight is approximate. 12 lbs., and available with a wood veneer seat of padded seat. 

Ladder Backs are another popular chair with horizontal back slats curved to hug the body.

American Educator: Known as the "Libary chair" and sturdy chair model with details such as elegant, slightly fanned back with six slants and decorative brackets on edge of the seat.  

Bent Wood Chairs:  "Steamed Beech Wood" techniques are used.  Bent Wood seat and back with                                           Chrome Steel frames; called Contemporary Upscale Seating.

UPHOLSTERED:      There are virtually unlimited upholstered designs. Within the restaurant business,                                      padded vinyl seats with wood back design is the #1 seller.

SEATS:      Veneer (particle board with wood species wall paper covering to appear as solid wood),                          plywood seat, or solid wood.  Seats can be attached with just screws as an inexpensive                           method, "mortise & tendon" system as upscale method, and then there is the "block and                         screw" simplistic seat method.

Here are a few common descriptions from chair manufacturers regarding Beechwood Chairs:

" made out of solid European beech wood and assembled with mortise and tenon construction and metal reinforcements for added durability. A sturdy chair, economically priced - it is designed especially for commercial use. Available with wood or upholstered seat of your choice"..

"This classic chair is built to last many years. Made out of European solid beech wood with “mortise and tenon” construction. A chair designed for commercial use with large quantity in stock. Choose from several different finishes and upholstery colors to match your decor."

"chairs are the perfect economical solution for the everyday project. Basics are built to our best quality standards, but value engineered to meet the toughest budget."