Vinyl collection; ask about the more fancier vinyls not shown here too....stunning
.  BARREL CHAIRS- In Stock, and Custom Fast Turn Around Time
 Large Barrel Chair Combo
Stunning presentation- Black Barstool w coordinating fabric
Perfect fit!  Upholstered seat and back- call us we custom built for your Club
Kami sofa designed for Nightclubs.  Black or COM
Vertical Barstool.
Pricing and Sales Information:
(954) 742-7199 Fax (954) 742-6446
               Kami Sofa
  Designed for Night Clubs
   custom built per order
Angela Plush Loveseat
           Factory: $600.
 07 Murphy Chair
        Micro Fiber
Murphy Barrel chair #1 designed for Clubs, Conventions, Restaurant dining.  Shown in Micro Friber fabric.
   07  Misty Barrel   
         Swirl Red
Friction dancing sofas
By special request- Swivel Barstool
GABucket Barstool Green Crossover Black base
30" Bucket seat/back  black legs
base frame
31h 20d 19w
Black or Red Vinyl Crossover base
AQ Padded back double ring in Black or Green
AQ Black vinyl Bucket double ring chrome base
Bucket seat 
w chrome
double ring frame
31h 20d 19w
57" w x 25" d x 35" ht.
      Lap Dance Sofa
custom designed for each 
private seating area
Club Layout
Fabric Options...or COM 
Soft feel
      METAL BARSTOOLS page link-
+Marble tabletops add to beauty of NightClubs
Boltaflex Vinyl
Barrel chair #2 Swirl fabric design creating exciting feel. Barrel chairs for Night Clubs, Gentleman Clubs, Statium Seating.  Also available in swivel style.
  10 Crown Black           Leather Barrel
Velvet Twist colors 
Custom built frame- solid wood, comfortable!
Opening a new Nightclub? Need Barrel Chairs? Private Booth seating? Friction Dance? 
"Give Us Your Specs.....We do The Rest"
"Coordinate color 
        and fabrics"
Sales Office:  954-742-7199
          Fax     954-742-6446

Kami Chair
Night Club sets
Night Club Set
Available in color of your choice. But Black is stunning. Solid surface for ......dancing.
New Designs of Solid Granite. Will not crack and prices similar to wood tables.
 View Restaurant Concepts Booth Interiors for array of looks & designs
Nagahyde Vinyl Colors
Zippy Sofa
Zippy Sofa 
"Leather look"
Privacy Sofa wall units
Privacy Couch offers customers a real comfort zone.
Dividers separate patrons for private conversation.
Custom Linked Sofa Sections
Privacy Couch
 Privacy Sections
Pulls chair right up to the table; arms go underneath; designed by special request
Spirit Vinyl
Leather  Vinyl 
62 Model Ritz
Space Saver
      02 Model T39 
 Marble Resin Tabletops
Black, Green, Brown
Mable Resin top coat. Looks and feels like real marble. Excellent value for Cafes, Nightclubs.
Custom Designed Sofa for Night Club. Using a soft buttery vinyl.
Wild Cheetah
Wild Cow
Wild Leopard
Wild Tiger
Wild Zebra
Wild Cheetah design with black velvet swirl....will heat up Night Club Atmosphere
Cheetah Design
Night Club Custom Sofa
Aqua-Key West
   2 units shown
  $1,200 per unit
35-PARIS Leather Barrel
Chair/No Casters/ In Stock
Monthly Special $196.
Special 1200. 
Black Leather Lounge Barrel Chair. Wide and Deep Comfortable Seating
07 Misty Barrel
Beautiful sofa for high end Night Clubs.  Black, White, and Espresso
41- Model 900232
  Contemporary Sofa

Pricing and Sales Information:
Decor-N-More Hospitality Furnishings
(954) 742-7199 Fax (954) 742-6446
Custom built per order furniture
 Show us your Nightclub specifications, and we can custom build the concepts.  
Cultured Marble and Granite Tabletops. Customers have been requesting exciting colors for their business. 
We now can custom manufacturer within 2-3 weeks.
Roman Tubs, Countertops, Vanities... Smoooth feel and looks beautiful.  
Throne with Sofa and Accent Pillows:  $1,500.
Can be any customized to meet your business needs.
Nightclub Custom Furniture.  Nightclub Love Seat, Barrel Chairs with Caster, and Barstools all coordinate for an exotic feel.  Decor-N-More offers our services to Restaurnts, Hotels, and Nightclubs.  We can virtually manufacture anything the Interior Designer wants.  Marble Tables, Tables that Light Up, Custom Portable Bars with Lights.  "GIVE US YOUR SPECS......WE DO THE REST".
   Night Club Furnishings Collection 
  • Barrel chairs        
  • Custom Sofas / Love Seats
  • Upholstered Barstools 
  • Epoxy Resin or Marble 
Misty Barrel Nightclub Chair w Leopard Skin Design
07 Misty Barrel
 Leopard Design
Misty LoveSeat
  Misty Love Seat
custom built per order 
07 White Euro Sofa
custom built per order
Swivel BS
10 Model 32x
List $109. Dnm $62.
10 Model 32x
List $109. Dnm $62.
10 Model 3x
List $109. Dnm $62.
 Bucket seat/back 
 black legs
base frame
31h 20d 19w
w chrome
double ring frame
41h 17d 17w
10 Model 148 Chrome
List $109. Dnm $62.
Click to view the:  Metal Chairs and Barstool Collection
       MARBLE AND GRANITE TABLETOPS - Popular Night Table
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  Misty Love Seat:
Vinyl's, Fabrics, or
Animal fabric designs
List: 800.
Factory:  $425.
Nightclub Throne and Sofa
   07  Leopard Skin
Match Barrel Chairs
        and Sofas
Adult Corner Night Club Seating
 Night Club- new design
Corner Seating - click picture
view Base page on menu
for additional selections
  • Custom build furniture built per order
  • Contemporary Nightclub Furniture
  • Custom designs per Specifications
  • Mill work-to build your Night Club
Night Club Cheetah Color Fur
Monthly Special
 as low $225
- Shown in Vinyl 
- Detachable back 
  and SS steel legs
  Specs: 74" L x 33"d x 34"
   List Price $1,200
   Factory Price $640-
Custom built slide chair to tabletop edge
Barrel Chairs-Misty COM
    Contemporary  custom design 
  Soft Leatherette vinyl  with high back. 
custom built per order
italian Contemporary Design
07 Italian Contemporary Design
      custom built per order 
07 MIAMI SOFA- custom built per order
                RESIN WEAVE
Night Club Photo-Misty Chair
Please view Marble/Granite page =........... Click on menu: Tabletops: Marble Granite
Monthly Special
 as low $225
Monthly Special
 as low $225
Sales Office:  954-742-7199
          Fax     954-742-6446
Sales Office:  954-742-7199
          Fax     954-742-6446
Sales Office:  954-742-7199
          Fax     954-742-6446
                WAVE WALL BENCH
Custom built per order any color vinyl
35 White Leather Lounge chair
Price:  $279.
Leather Lounge Chairs
Dark Brown Leather Barrel Chair with Casters
  52 Leather Dk. Brown
 Barrel Chair w Casters
Monthly Special
 as low $225
 Granite Tabletops
 Red Ruby, Black Granite,
 Uba Tuba.........
  see Marble/Granite     Tabletops on Menu
    Custom Tabletops
(many colors)
Shown in Black Marble..... best seller for Night Clubs
Lap Dancing
Black Leather Barrel Chair
Black Leather
Fixed Seat
CA 117 fire 
Retardant foam
31"h x 18"d x 18"w
List $350
Monthly Special $196.
MEASURMENTS 31"H x 25"D x 24"W 
                  (no casters)
Small Barrel Lounge
  10 Burgundy Round             Leather Lounge
32"H x 31"D x 23"W 
List $250
Monthly Special $145.
Black Metal Lounge Chair
Budget Metal Chairs: 
Any color Vinyl 
 or Chrome Frame
10 M 592
Black Leather Seat
10 M 1060
$99. Special
18"H x 21"D x 21"W
Avail:  Burgundy