Marble and Granite Restaurant Commercial Tabletops
Solid Granite and Marble: manufactured for Hospitality Dining 
1.  Designed to be used INDOORS AND OUTDOORS applications
4. Attractive and economical
2. Simple to clean, and hygienic
Uba Tuba Granite with Rounded Edge
13 Uba Tuba  #G 203 
       IN STOCK
Sealed so will not stain
Black Galaxy with gold sparkles. Popular color
13 Ruby Red G210
      IN STOCK 
Giallo Granite California
13 Granite Gold
13 Black GalaxyG206
         IN STOCK
        Sizes Available  
24" x 30"24" R 
30" x 30"30" R
30" x 42"36" R
30" x 48"48"R
36" x 36"54"R
30" x 60"
30" x 72"
Ruby Red granite Popular color
Uba Tuba
This is an example of the inside of the Granite tabletop.  New Technology has been developed to allow Granite suppliers to insert Plywood Core.  The benifit: tables are lighter in weight and tables chances of cracking are greatly reduced. The underside of the table has a epoxy fiberglass backing that hold  the inside table.  These Granite tabletops are now affordable and comparable in price to solid wood tabletops.  Attractive and economical
Black  Galaxy Round Bullnose Edge

Modern Furniture
Black Vintage Epoxyn Base
           Marble/Resin Tabletops

The look and feel of real marble tabletops. Compliments Indoor Cafes, and Restaurant dining; perfect for Nightclub Tabletops.
                Cafe Bistro & Nightclub 
  MDF wood Inside; outside smooth resin top coat. 
 Just wipe clean; low prices; in stock and ready to ship
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  10 BF Vintage Base
Cast  Iron Black Epoxy

Marble Resin Stone
Green,Coffee, Black

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15 Granite 203 Tuba
Granite Food Court Tables
Rub Red Granite Outside Seating
Outside Cafe Dining
Restaurant Dining
  Edge Rounded Off
    Black Galaxy
The cost of today's Commercial Granite tabletop prices are comparable to wood.  Durable, and designed to be light weight for Restaurant and Cafe use. Easy to clean with a wipe of a cloth. 
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 Marble, Granite, or Cultured Marble/Granite tabletops for commercial hospitality use. 
Specifically manufactured for the Contract Hospitality Industry.  

Cost effectivelight weight 1 3 /8" thick,
and low competitive prices. 
Easy to wipe clean, and attractive for your GUESTS.

Wide selections available
 @ low economy prices.
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Food Courts
      Red Ruby Granite Tabletop  with customized Plywood Insert; will not crack.
Black  Marble Tabletop
Marble Resin Tables
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White  Granite
Kashmir Table shown in Movie Theater
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Kashmir Whiite G280
      Theater Lobby
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954-742-7199 business office.
Kashmir Whiite G280
      IN STOCK