The most beautiful commercial restaurant tabletops in the industry!
Smooth surfaces; easy to clean and eye-appealing. 
Your guests will enjoy their dining experience.
Hospitality customers can customize and create their restaurant design themes using: colorful posters, real metal textures, coin & sand. 

We offer a service; We just don't sell products; We offer choices.

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Natural Beech Wood Epoxy Resin top coat in Natural
Mahogany Grain Epoxy Resin . Beautiful Craftsmanship
 15- RT-3 Mahogany
 02 White Epoxy 
Epoxy Resin Table. Natural with Oak Edge
Epoxy finish with Mahogany center and Walnut edge
  67 Cherry with Dark          Mahogany Edge    
03-Light with Oak Edge
03-Mahogany w Walnut Edge
Resin table with Oak Veneer and Rose stain edge and gold accent stripe treatment
Book Match with Oak Veneer with 3 inch Oak edge and custom Walnut Stain
Maple wood species with black painted edge and accent stripe, and resin coat.
Tropical weaves
01 Mahogany Veneer
Book Match Custom
30 Maple/Black
Tropical Weaves
Custom Tables
Epoxy Resin Tabletop. Mahogany edge with Cherry Ctr.
15-RT- 2 Mahog/Cherry
Resin top coat with Mahogany edge and natural center.  Available in Rounds, Squares, and Rectangle.
Epoxy Resin Imports
 Custom Designed, using Italian Epoxy Resin that will last the life time of your lease, or our ready to ship In Stock selections; both available @ low competitive prices
02 T33 Mahogany
Resin Semi Gloss Espresso or Mahogany
02 T34Espresso
Marble Inlay
Black edge
high gloss 
Dual Tone Epoxy Resin with Cherry Center with Dark Mahogany Edge.  Also available in Natural with Walnut Edge 2" thick
CrMetal Pllate Tabletop Design with Steel and Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Resin Candy Table for Give Kids The World
Nautical Map Design
Diamond Plate
     Poster Theme
covered with Epoxy Resin
05 Beech Wood Resin
02 Marble Resin Stone
"Happy Customer"
     Epoxy Resin  In stock selections - 

Note: Not every Product or every Price can always  be placed on our Web Site due to the diversity of our products, size ranges, factories, and customer needs.

 Our customers are Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Malls, Country clubs,Stadiums, and Interior Design firms seeking exciting products for their clients projects, seeking assistance, and ideas for their  new business concepts. 

 We  take pride discussing, and consulting with  each customer; offering solutions that will "meet their needs", and offer proposals based upon their needs.  

We can only promise to offer  "Quality, Service, and Low Comfortable Prices" 

We must be doing something right; we are going into our Tenth Year in business, and we are growing with new products,and new customers  every day!
67 Cherry with DK Mahogany Edge
Beech Wood Epoxy Resin tables 1-1/4" thick Natural, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut

"Give Us Your Specs, We Do The Rest"
Mill House Factory for the Hospitality Industry
 Candy Cane's
 Solid Wood Tabletop Design with Epoxy Resin
Dual Tones
Dual Tones
Dual Tones
Dual Tones
Sales office 954-742-7199 
Fax 954-742-6446
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Dual Tones
<<< Custom designed..... "Resin with Logo"
can be your company LOGO

                     for Restaurants and Night Clubs                              seeking exciting beautiful  tables?                  .......see custom selections 

            OR .......In Stock selections
                                             shown below
Custom Blue Epoxy Tabletop
Customized with Italian Epoxy Resin over Pine Wood:  Restaurant Project
Epoxy Resin Blue Table withFrench Bistro Chair
Custom Cherry Oak Restaurant Pub Design
Antique Gold S 
Stain: Cherry 
Species: Oak
Customer Quote:
   "I am in Heaven", 
The Blue stained
 tabletops with Epoxy Resin are beautiful"
     Love Them!  Fantastic Job.
Italian Resin & Dark Mahagany Drop Leaf
Walnut  Drop Leaf 
36 x 36 51
Water Club, M. B
Italian Resin, the world finest quality. Each tabletop offers several coats, and will last the life time of your restaurant.   
Coordinating Chairs and Tabletops to match
The most beautiful tabletops
 Resin Mahogany or Cherry
1-1/2" thick
Monthly Specials
Monthly Specials
Resin Semi-Gloss
1-1/2" thick
Logo Table Design
Maple Veneer also changed into Air Force Squadron design >>>>>>>
without black edges
30 Air Force Squadron
New Night Club Design
 Ebony Ceylon 
 - New Orleans Club 
-  Season of Japan
   CUSTOM DESIGNED EPOXY RESIN - per sizes  - "Meeting Your Business Needs
Upstate NY PUB
Custom Epoxy Resin Restaurant Table with Logo.....yes, as beautiful as it looks!!
Las Olas Hotel:  Cherry Stone Design with Natural Stone Edge
Cherry Stone
Natural edge  
high gloss
Las Olas Hotel
Fort Laud. Fl.
Dual Tones
Dual Tones
Custom Epoxy Resin Maple Grain with Natural Stain
Maple Grain Stain: Natural
42" R Custom
Oil Rig off English Coast
30 Chocolate Martini 
Custom Chocolate Martini Table
Oak with Mahogany stain and no wood edge
30 Oak Grain with Mahogany Stain  Veneer
Custom Designs with Metal, Fabric, and Maps, and Candy Cane
Offering any color Epoxy Resin 
Tabletop you want to match your furnishings
Creme Table can match youro Cream Upholstered Wood Chair
 Epoxy Resin
 Drop Leaf / Flip
Table Top
Oak Drop Leaf Design
30 Custom Veneer Zebra Design
Maple species -less Grain
Oak grain w Cherry stain
Maple species with Logo
Oak Grain/ Cherry Center
Black Edge
Maple/ Cherry Ctr./ Black Edge
Beautiful Long Tables with Legs
Beautiful Custom Long Tables 
...........with Legs-
Special Custom Color Epoxy Resin Top Coat for Duffy's
North Miami Inter-coastal Restaurant 
Oil Rig
Entertaining Dinner Parties
Corporate Sales office 954-742-7199 Fax 954-742-6446
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Corporate Sales office 954-742-7199 Fax 954-742-6446
Cherry/Mahog. edge
   1-1/2" thick
02 Resin Mahogany Edge
Epoxy Resin Imports
Epoxy Resin Imports
WHITE Resin Tabletop
Epoxy Resin Imports
Epoxy Resin Imports
Monthly Specials

Diamond Metal Plate with Black Edge. 
Mable Resin.  Excellent value for Cafes, Nightclubs.

Several coats of Italian Resin coat offer the finishing touches for Beautiful Epoxy Resin Tabletops
White Restaurant epoxy resin tables
Beautiful Custom Epoxy Tabletops with Italian Resin: World's finest quality for Restaurant Chain.Blue & White Epoxy Resin
​                              Any Color is Possible
Country Style Napkin on Cherry Stain Oak Table
Country BBQ Restaurant
Cherry Stain with
Napkin Design
Epoxy Resin Map Table Top For Cruise Line
Erie Cruise Map Tables
2" Black Wood Border
        36" x 36"
  Call Office for Pricing 
Logo: Epoxy Resin: Beautiful
Kids Ice Cream Tabletop
Theme Park Orlando, Fl
"Customer sooo Excited"
  Custom Blue and White Tabletops 
       Mello Mushroom Restaurant
Exotic Tabletops Collection
 Developing an exciting 
Line of Exotic Tabletop Collection Epoxy Resin for Upscale Restaurants.
Black/Blue (not shown)
Black/White Marble (not shown)
Call Office for Pricing
Beautiful Bamboo Matt Material Centered with Cherry Wood and covered with World's Finest Epoxy Resin
       Real Bamboo
Honey Stained Wood Edge
 Italian Epoxy Resin:           World's Finest
Stainless Steel Metal
covered with Epoxy Resin
69 Natural Resin IN STOCK
67 Walnut Resin: IN STOCK
67 Mahogany Resin
Flame Epoxy Resin Mahogany Marble with Black Edge
Monthly Special
Monthly Special
Monthly Special
Resin with
Cherry Ctr
with Dark
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One Inch
One Inch
2 " Thick
Click on
2 " Thick
Dual Tones